Meeple Station

StoragePlus for Meeple Station

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Published by Arcadiax (mod ID: 324)


StoragePlus adds some new storage furniture to the game!
Chiefly, some packing boxes. These items are cheaper than the usual storage solutions, but they'll reduce the beauty score of your station.
You can rotate them for some variation in the design.

I'll probably update with some additional styles of storage medium, but for now I don't wanna take up too many furniture IDs!

IDs Used
72, 73

Install Instructions

  1. Download the latest version from the file list below (or install directly in-game and skip the next steps!)
  2. Unzip the file and place in here: "C:\Users\(userName)\AppData\LocalLow\VoxGames\Meeple Station\mods\
  3. Start/reload the game




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